“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Knitting, like painting or sculpture, is a source of self-expression. What’s more, the fruits of knitting provide us beautiful and practical means to warm ourselves and those we love. It's completely portable, ready to travel with us to our favorite solitary places in nature, and is just at home in social situations, being shared with those who understand the joy of it. Knitting also supplies an antidote to the vexing velocity of our time. A few rows of friendly garter stitch can erase a day’s decision fatigue, calming our system and gently transitioning us into quiet time at home. The scent of wool, the bounce of each stitch as its woolen crimp responds to our touch, the sense of mastery as we make sense of new techniques and store them forever in our mental toolbox, are visceral satisfactions. Perhaps we are responding to something deep in our human wiring, a common memory for a different rhythm of life. If thinking about all this makes your heart flutter a little, we’re right there with you. Our Outpost letter — traditionally an introduction to each of our collection lookbooks — is expanding into a monthly newsletter that allows us to share more stories and thoughts on knitting. Our journey in developing yarns from scratch has introduced us to unexpected and thought-provoking people, places and ideas — we want to share more of them with you. We’ve also reimagined Outpost to serve as a resource for techniques we’ve learned along the way — details that elevate hand knit garments to timeless items you can fold into a classic, well-considered wardrobe. For this inaugural Outpost, we offer helpful advice on selecting a sweater size and calculating ease. We support slow fashion and want to explore this inspiring movement with you in coming issues. We look forward to having an ongoing conversation about ideas of quality over quantity, of reclaiming calm from the sometimes frantic pace of daily life. Select Outposts will include a new pattern that is designed for meditative, beginner-friendly knitting. The joy of knitting need not be complicated, and these patterns will allow for a reprieve from busy days and bigger projects throughout the month. (October's Outpost will feature a new pattern from Emily Greene.) We are excited to be kicking off our Outpost series — with every successive newsletter arriving the first Wednesday of each month (click here to sign-up if you're not yet a subscriber) — and hope you’ll warm your favorite mug and sit with us a bit. We’re glad you’re here. SaveSave SaveSave


  • What a great idea! Looking forward to this.

    Nancy Lang and Lois Green on

  • Thank you for this warm welcome!
    Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of the person responsible for this OUTPOST – but it’s literature! So nice to read – and so true … everyone who loves to knit will understand.
    I’m looking forward to a lot of interesting articles, and I would love to read more short stories about the making of these wonderful wool we are working with – “from a sheep on a meadow to the knitted piece in my wardrobe” as I put it.

    Barbel on

  • I’m just catching up on reading Outpost from the beginning but will take my time. Thank you for thoughtful, congenial companionship to look forward to.

    Kymm Stokke on

  • Love this! I really need some quiet time each night to gather my thougts about the day and gather some strenght for the next. And sitting on my couch knitting a few rows helps me so much. I may not knit fast or finish a sweater every month but for me it is about the meditation. Thank you so much BT!

    Libby on

  • I am certainly inspired. Thank you!

    Teresa Everett on

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