BT Winter 2015 Welcome to deep winter. Most of us need little prompting to pick up the needles at this time of year—the low temperatures are reason enough to layer on our woolens and hustle to knit more. But if you need an infusion of beauty and color, a quick vacation from your home landscape, we’re proud to offer the BT Winter 15 collection today. BLOG_btw15_launch_triptych_01 These designs pay tribute to New York City, but not in the ways you might expect—one fashion story features garments inspired by the style of Diane Keaton’s title character in the 1977 film “Annie Hall;” the other grew from a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view their remarkable collections and kindle ideas for new designs. The result is fifteen new garments and two accessories to augment your winter wardrobe. BLOG_btw15_launch_triptych_02

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EMAIL_05_btw15_launch We are completely thrilled to welcome a new Brooklyn Tweed house designer with this collection. After admiring her incredible work for many years, we all feel so lucky to be welcoming Norah Gaughan to our team!
We invite you to cozy up with our latest lookbook or browse the BT Winter 15 patterns on our website—Manhattan awaits.


  • Winter 15 – stunning! Kudos on the addition of Norah.

    annie on

  • Norah Gaughan – what a wonderful addition to the Brooklyn Tweed team! I love her designs, and I think she will fit in perfectly with you. (I met her briefly at the Knitter’s Review retreat last fall and she seems really nice in person too.)

    Also, I always love your Look Books – both the designs and the beauty and creativity in the photo shoots are inspirational, and just looking makes me happy :)

    Marcia on

  • BT lookbooks always inspire me. I think the last one is so good. I love the designs inspired by the Met collection, the color and illumination of the photographs are truly amazing!

    Congratulations to Jared and his team. Every lookbook is always better than the previous one.


    Teodora Barrueso Gomez on

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