New Collection Formatting

Knitting is timeless, but our time to knit is not infinite. Every pattern you choose to put on your needles occupies space — in your closet, your heart, and your hard earned knitting time. Brooklyn Tweed collections take upwards of one year to mature from designers’ drawings into fully graded patterns. The attention to detail and the subtle surprises that our designers incorporate into their knitwear is laudable. These thoughtful elements each deserve a closer look than a large collection can deliver. In this new year of reevaluation and introspection, we are turning the spotlight onto individual pieces in a conscious way.

To this end, we will be splitting our future collections into smaller chapter releases. This allows us space to highlight unique pattern details and pay homage to each designer’s unique creative expression. Each pattern gets its day in the sun and a chance to shine. With a mix of garments and accessories, varied techniques and difficulty levels, each chapter has a pattern just for you. 

The Bridge City Collection is very near to our hearts, nestled as we are in the center of Portland’s Eastside. Twelve bridges arc over the Willamette river, ferrying industry and buoying our rich culture of artists and dreamers. Chapter I : Inscribed speaks to these structural feats that define our home city

McCoy’s colorwork yoke evokes the crisp geometry of suspension cables. The charming slipped stitch motif of Normandale conjures the sweep and bow of the bridges themselves. Etched and Ribsy echo the symmetrical columns and cross beams that span above and below. Think of this collection as a snapshot of our city — a happy tour led by your local friends at BT. 

Life is more than hustle and press. With our new chaptered format, we encourage you to take the time to indulge, to discover and to revel. Welcome to Bridge City. We are so happy that you are here with us.


  • Thank you for using real people and not professional models!

    Julie on

  • Brilliant approach. It will be a delight to see designs more frequently and to focus on each.

    Melanie Miller on

  • Love both love that we have access to all the patterns by the designers would love to see Jared Floods book republished too.

    CHeryl on

  • I love your “amateur “ real people models and of course your patterns also. Keep up the good work.

    Kristin on

  • This sounds great! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with your look books, so having patterns in smaller batches will highlight them better and make me feel I can handle them. Thank you for your constant reflections and improvements. There is good work behind the money we pay.

    Carmen on

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