tomorrow i hop on a plane and head for my dear sweet home of washington state. its a short visit, but i couldn't be more excited to see the mountains again! especially since we've hit the humid ass-heat of summer here. i'll gladly fly away from that. tonight i'll be 'packing,' which basically means planning out which projects to take where, double checking airline regulations as they pertain to knitting needles, projecting how many extra hanks of yarn i'll be needing, etc. etc. 7 hour flight? dont mind at all as long as i've got a portable project handy. and (*please god*) a tolerable seat-partner who will stay relatively quiet and keep the gawking at a minimum. i'll be heading down to the oregon coast on thursday for my big bro's wedding. why should you be excited about this? because i'll finally be able to show you a project that i've been keeping quiet about for some time. its for my (very) soon-to-be sister (in law) (Joelle, i'm assuming you wont read this before thursday, what with wedding plans and all...). and i'll give you a little peek at it right now to keep you coming back for more later...
Lace Leaves
ooh, i'm excited to show you the rest in a few days. sorry to make you wait. regarding other projects: despite the heat, i worked with wool all weekend and finished both front pieces to Jarrett. I also started up the sleeves and am about a quarter of the way done with them. I'm hoping to finish the sleeves by the end of my vacation so i can come home and start the finishing! what else? oh - swatched and washed the denim. still loving it. looks like i'll be making this thing on US 7s. still didn't really get guage, but close enough. nothings holding me back from raspy now (i'm still debating on whether or not i want to bring it to WA and start it there... very tempting). and i've started the trellis scarf. See below:
Trellis Scarf Beginnings
lacin' it up
worked about 2 inches and already hate the k7togs. whats up with that? sure they look cool, but is it worth the wrist torture and stress of 7 stitches shooting off your needle at any moment? and please no comments about the use of addis. i've tried three types of needles, and none of them have made it 'enjoyable' yet... but the baby silk was sticking to the bamboo like crazy and driving me nuts. i opted for the smooth glide, despite the blunt stumps. we'll see how this project goes. for now, i'm reserveing my judgment until a later date. god knows this is definitely not plane-safe. i dont want to find myself cursing loudly and scaring small children... happy knitting and i'll see you on the flipside!


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