I love New Years. To me there's always a strong feeling of the collective whole taking stock of where we're at. It's a time of gratitude and looking forward. It feels great.

It's been another whirlwind year for us as our little company continues to grow and refine itself. Today we're slowing down and enjoying the quiet. We're so looking forward to another year of new ideas, projects and challenges. A sincere thanks to all for reading, commenting, and supporting what we do here – we're so grateful!


  • I just finished reading your interview for Liat at KnitFreedom and wanted to thank you for your beautiful patterns and gorgeous yarns. I recently finished the Guernsey Wrap in Woodsmoke and would like to share with you my comments posted on Ravelry under my username “Redhayr”:

    I was initially intimidated by the charts for this project … but after hyperventilating into a brown paper bag and regaining my composure, I realized that I CAN DO THIS! Note: I enlarged the charts to accommodate my 63-year-old eyes and drew arrows indicating which direction to read the charts (something about short-term memory perhaps).

    But I digress … I love this pattern, especially once I was past chart A. Next hurdle … blocking rods. After a little on-line shopping, I was down to the finish line … soaked, rinsed, stomped out the excess water … and discovered I needed to put the leaf in my dining room table. Finally, time for the rods. As I was carefully threading these fine rods through the very long wrap, I felt like a cardiac physician performing an angioplasty without any risk of patient mortality.

    And I now proudly say, “Jared Flood, I am no longer afraid of you and your magnificent patterns!” I DID IT!

    Jane Little Platman on

  • love the patterns – can’t wait to buy

    Sandy Mays on

  • Hello:
    Thank you for the photos of knit patterns. I am very much interested in learning about wool yarn. Also in felting.
    Thank you,Sharon

    Sharon on

  • Happy new year!! The best for you, and for me, please translate the blog and models (explications?) In French! Oui, ici, en France on aime tricoter mais on ne comprend pas l’anglais!!! Pensez à nous! ;) By! A bientôt!!

    SylvieT on

  • And the happiest of new years to you and the rest of BT.

    It is indeed a great time to collectively take stock. :)

    Voie de Vie on

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