Ganomy Photos are finally in!! I took a few shots of this project that was completed in December and gifted to my roommate for christmas. I'm just now getting around to documenting some on-head pictures. (apologies for lack of better light. i wanted to wait for natural light for the shoot, but that would have meant waiting till next weekend at the earliest... Ganomy  Side 1 Ganomy  Side 2 A few notes about the pattern: very simple and creative, yields a really cool design. I made a few modifications, mainly adding in some extra decreasing at the top to keep it from becoming too pointy. if you follow the pattern exactly, you'll have more of a 'gnome point' on top (the pattern also is written to include a bobble-like pom-pom with a ping-pong ball inside!). i like a point thats a bit more subtle. I also did a seed stitch brim which i think looks pretty good. Ganomy  Decreases 1
check out those lines!
Ganomy  Decreases 2
Pattern: The Ganomy Hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitter's Almanac" (July Project)
Materials: Brown Sheep Brand Lamb's Pride Bulky [color: Loden Leaf]
Needles: US 9 29" Circulars using Magic Loop
I'm definitely planning on making one for myself in the near future. Possibly in Karabella's Aurora Bulky. Hope you enjoy the photos - i definitely recommend the pattern for anyone in a knitting slump.


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