There has been a good deal of hat knitting going on over here lately. I'm not sure why exactly, although hat ideas always seem to arrive in herds for me. One concept feeding another. Today's hat has been knit several times, by me and others at BT, and we think that it's a great go-to when running out the door.

Fortnight was inspired by a child's hat that my nephew wore all winter. It had a deep garter brim with a checkerboard (knit-purl) patterned crown. I was immediately drawn to the proportion of garter-to-pattern and wanted to make something similar. From that, this hat was born.

As I worked the first version, I started thinking about design-specific variations and ended up with two versions. The plain version, shown here in Embers (orange), has a standard brim with no additional shaping. The 'earflap' version (not full-on flaps, but subtle ones), shown in Soot (grey), uses short rows in the garter stitch to create a gently shaped brim that covers the ear and back neck. It's subtle, but I really love that about it.

The shaped variety also utilizes an alternate color for the cast on, which adds a simple but effective accent to the simple brim. The hat knits up fast, and is one I found myself casting on for again (and again). But you know how it is.

The crown features some nice slipped-stitch cables, paired to make little horseshoes.

The hat comes in 3 sizes, each of which have invisible shaping within the brim for a nice fit. Happy gartering!

__________________________________________ Resources: The Fortnight Pattern is available here at BT or on Ravelry. SHELTER Yarn is available here -- colors shown in samples are Embers, Soot, and Hayloft (accent color).


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