my brother (the photographer) and his new wife (the photographer) had the first leg of their honeymoon in new york and spent some time in brooklyn last night with me (the photographer). well, needless to say their lens collection makes the mouth water and i was playing with cameras and fiber all night. and there was coffee. lots and lots of coffee. this situation could be considered my own personal heaven. so i thought i'd share, as i know you all appreciate the yarn photos as i do.... i am always appreciating the ever-sculptural qualities of arans, and the Urban Aran made for some great shots. speaking fo the U.A. - i got to wear it yesterday. How crazy is this "June" weather we've been having? feels like seattle! (not that i'm complaining!)
Urban Aran Sleeve Detail
detail of sleeve panel some gratuitous yarn photos - a 1.4 lens just calls out to all those freshly wound skeins in my stash. on the left we have one skein of rowan yorkshire tweed aran in 'bramble' and on the right: one skein araucania patagonia (gotta love that plied organic cotton) in 'reds' (#209).



and remember forbes forest? its pretty much in the exact place that i've left it. maybe 3 or 4 rows have been worked in the last month. i'm on too big of a sweater kick to really go back to this any time soon. hey, i've got the rest of the summer before i can even think about fall scarf weather. i got time. but it sure looks damn good in photos.

Forbes Detail
bobbles abounding. thought i'd leave you with some nice eye candy for the end of the week. hope you enjoyed! i have the day off tomorrow, so... maybe jarrett blocking will commence? finally? i have a wonderful day-job that shifts over to 4-day work week during the summer ... but keeps the same amount on my paycheck. sweet, aint it? bring on the extra knitting time. have a great weekend and say hi if you want!


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