some random updating. here's a detail shot of the progress on Ene's Scarf. chart 1 and 2 are shown completed, and i think i was about 6 or 8 rows into chart 3 in this picture. its not much to see but its on its way and finally starting to go a little faster. i'm planning on getting a bunch of work done on it this weekend. hopefully it will start taking shape as a more cohesive piece. 2 fellow knitters and i are starting a "chain scarf" project in an effort to bust us some stash. three 6 foot scarves to be made in total (between the three of us). each knitter knits up one foot before passing their current to the next person. you start your own, therefore establishing the width that all guages thereafter must adhere to, also setting the tone for color choices, textures, etc. (CLARIFICATION: whatever scarf you originally start, you receive in th end) i started mine with some old green wool that i picked up at a street market when i was living in rome. i have no idea what it is, i wasn't into saving labels at that time.... anyway, i'd wanted to give herringbone a shot and it is a lot of fun! it also makes for a super dense fabric that, despite being all knit on one side and all purl on the other, doesn't curl! thats enough for me to get excited. here's my first swatch. i'll try and keep you all posted on the progress of our little swap.  
Herringbone Chain Scarf
have a relaxing, fiber-filled weekend all! i'm crossing my fingers that i get a lot of knitting time in.


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