Fall 19 Launch

Yan tan tethera…sethera lethera hovera dovera…

This traditional counting rhyme has been used for generations by British Shepards in the North of England when counting their flocks at dawn and dusk. You’ll recognize some of the names in our newest collection of patterns for Fall 19 from this ancient rhyme, while others come from the flora and fauna of the rich lands of eastern Washington State where we photographed the collection.

Fall 19 - Dovera hat

Offering heirloom style through a modern lens, each stitch represented in Fall 19 reflects the timelessness of wool as tastes and fashions evolve. 

Fall 19 - Sethera cardigan and Sagemoor

Designed especially for Brooklyn Tweed’s breed-specific wool yarns, these eight sweaters and four accessories are ready for years of versatile wear. With optional variations of sleeve length, finishing details, hems, and even yarn choices, the designs in Fall 19 provide the knitter with boundless potential for personalization.


View the collection Lookbook to browse each beautiful piece from Fall 19, immerse yourself in the heritage of wool. 


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