Hello again, knitters! Today, we'll be moving through the upper portion of your sweater - which includes knitting short rows and raglan increases, as well as some reverse stockinette. 



After casting on your Cilfor sweater, you'll be asked to work a few short rows. You might be wondering: what is a short row and why would you put them in a sweater? For sweaters specifically, short rows near the neck opening allow for a more anatomical fit around the the upper back and shoulders by adding more partial rows to the back of the garment. Those partial rows increase the fabric in the back, which drops the neckline forward, giving you a little more breathing room. There're quite a few ways to make these partial rows, aka short rows, but the one called for in the Cilfor pattern happens to be a house-favorite here at BT HQ - the German Short Rows method. Instructions for how to work the German Short Rows method can be found in the "Special Techniques" section of your pattern, but if you're more of a visual learner check out this great video tutorial made by our friends over at Purl Soho.


Once you've made your way through the short rows, it's time to shape your raglans. The purpose of a raglan is to create shaping around the shoulders and chest by adding stitches at strategic points in your knitting in order to increase width. Raglans, like short rows, can be created in a variety of ways but the Right Lifted Purl Increase (RLP1) is the specific style of increase worked in the Cilfor yoke. This particular raglan increase method is nearly invisible and blends right into the reverse stockinette stitch in the yoke. Instructions for how to work the Right Lifted Purl Increase can also be found in the "Special Techniques" section of your pattern - if you find yourself stumbling over the instructions (or just need a cheerleader) send us a message via support@brooklyntweed.com because we'd love to help you out!


Next week we'll be dividing for the sleeves and knitting the bulk of your sweater body. Don't forget to tag your projects online with #BrooklynTweedKAL so we can all share in the excitement of seeing your Cilfor grow!


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