Fall 19 Knitalong: My First Sweater

 One of the great joys of knitting is creating bespoke items for yourself that will last from season to season. Surprisingly enough though, we've heard from many a knitter that while they knit endless shawls, scarves, and mittens for themselves and those they love, they've never made a sweater!

Sweater knitting can seem daunting, but the simple truth is that if you've knit a shawl — which more often than not includes knits, purls and maybe even some increases and decreases — you're more than ready to knit a sweater! You may be thinking that this all sounds fine and good in theory, but actually putting a full sweater project into motion is still outside your comfort zone. Well, allow us to be your guide this Fall, as this knitalong will focus on getting that first sweater on and off the needles in no time at all. 

We've chosen the Cilfor sweater pattern, designed by Gudrun Johnston for our Fall 19 collection, to be our trusty companion for this knitalong. The Cilfor sweater is knit seamlessly in the round from the top down in our worsted weight yarn, Shelter. The pattern includes two variations for sleeve length and separate instructions for either a classic pullover or a longer tunic (and optional pockets too!). All in all, this is a great first-time sweater with many possibilities for easy customization. 

If you'd like to join us, the first step is to determine which size to knit. That will dictate how many skeins you need to complete the sweater and then you can head over to the Cilfor pattern page to bundle your pattern and yarn. We have a handy resource page that not only walks you through the process of selecting your size, but also has a downloadable "Ease Worksheet" that you can fill out to your specifications (very handy for those of us who are visual/tactile learners).  

Once you've got your sizing sorted out and purchased your pattern and yarn, go grab a lawn chair so you can hang out by your mailbox!

Next time we'll be talking about the second step in the process of sweater knitting: swatching! So get that yarn wound up and those needles ready to start clicking. 


The details:

Cast on day - 9/18

Bind off day - 10/16

To join, purchase the Cilfor pattern and your yarn (you don't have to use BT yarns to participate though we do recommend it, Shelter is divine). 

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  • Is it possible to increase the size with minimal difficulty? Thank you.

    Amysue Chase on

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