thought i'd give you a little taste of my most recent detour/knitting discoure. fair isle has been tempting me for some time, which is interesting, because i used to generally dislike (the look of) it. i've noticed that over time, my knitting tastes change, and this is a great example. this is the start of a pair of komi (russian) mittens from mostly mittens by charlene schurch. a great book with a whole host of intricate patterns. i love the history aspect of fair-isle and stranded knitting. really, just can't get enough. its addicting.
Komi Progress 1
click image to see more detail here's a taste of whats to come. i'm using knitpicks pallette in bark and yellow. keep your eyes out for more progress shots of these babies. (sidenote: i love knitting at a guage of 10 stitches to the inch! this fine guage combined with stranding makes the densest, warmest, most intricate (and, to me, meaningful) material that has the detail-oriented-perfectionist in me going crazy with dorky glee!)


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