i've gone too far this time. i'm sick with a rabid case of starting syndrome. i've started way too many projects recently, especially considering the number of WIP's in the big basket at the foot of my bed.... but how can i resist with all these great yarn bargains i've been scoring? [for the record: i've cut myself off from ebay and knitpicks purchasing for at least 1 month. if not longer.] its a sickness i tell you! so last time you were introduced to the Urban Aran. well, i've completed the back piece (pictured below) and started working on the front two pieces. i'm working both left and right front pieces on the same circular needle in an attempt to get them as close to identical as possible. I'm adding a 3-stitch selvage with slip-stitch border for attaching the zipper. i think it should work out nicely. i'm surprised at how enjoyable this sweater is, since generally i am anti allover ribbing. the cabling on this one saves it though. and knitting on US 10.5's aint bad either....
Urban Aran Back
this weekend i went out of town and didn't want to take a big bulky sweater along. since i had just gotten my knitpicks order in the mail, i figured, why not take a small scarf project along for bus knitting etc? and thus a new addiction, ehh, i mean forbes forest was born.
Forbes Forest Progress
and... because a small alottment of rowan cork recently came into my posession... i couldn't resist. [it looks like i have some sort of nasty cabling-bug?]
Log Cabin Socks Progress
log cabin socks from handknit holidays but this is it. i swear it. its all-finishing-all-the-time from here on out. i need to curb the rabid consumerism that has reared its ugly head. so if you see anything new coming up in the next couple of weeks, scorn me! maybe i'll do a post to catalog all the WIP's i have laying around to guilt myself into finishing. i really am going to try to focus on these over the next couple of months to get them done. moving on: i catalogued and reorganized my stash last night. on the one hand, it was helpful and exciting because i found a lot of things lurking that i should really use up soon (and would actually enjoy incorporating into my future projects). on the other hand, it was frustrating because i have a bunch of yarn that was acquired one way or another (most of it, early on in my knitting life) that, at this point, i am positive i'll never have the urge to knit with. i try to tell myself to keep it around for gifts or small scrap projects, but really, its just taking up space. so i dont know what i'll do with that. i could sell it, but i figure, if i dont want it, will any of you? also, my mom (the knitter!) is coming in for a visit this weekend and i'm planning on taking her on a proper manhattan yarn crawl. cause we all know there are plenty of places to feed the fiber addiction in this city... (this is for her benefit... not mine i assure you) see you on the flipside


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