hey all, what have you been up to? i've been doing some knitting... big surprise no? i originally planned on *finishing* Jarrett this weekend, and by most project-standards, i should have. its just that this particular pattern is so riddled with finishing details that i overestimated my abilities for weekend knitting. and i may have also been suffering from a little new-project-distraction (you know how that goes.) but don't get me wrong, i'm loving all the finishing on jarrett - the shoulder patches (seaming through four layers of fabric, wooh!), button bands, buttons, awesome collar, elbow patches, lots of seaming... here's how it all looked sometime late last night:
Jarrett finishings
laid out flat as best as possible....
i finished both button bands and slipped stitched them down to the body before going unconscious. theres nothin like a little late-night-knitting to make for a good nights rest. now, about the newer knitting... raspy is a perfect project for when i dont want to count, measure or really concentrate. i'm modifying the pattern for knitting in the round (to the armholes at least) and, with no waist shaping, its a whole lot of denim stockinette on addis. quick and mindless. i knit pretty much the entire bus ride to and from philly this weekend, and we can definitely see some serious results.
the 'before the weekend' shot:
Raspy Early Progress and after: Raspy Progress
its funny to think that, before i finish one sweater, i can be so far along on another. the denim feels great and looks great, although it is wreaking havoc on my right pointer finger (i'm a 'thrower') - feels great to go back to wool after a couple hours with the denim's ministry of pain. and finally, to show a new and wonderful aqcuisition. do you have yarns that you really want to use, but will never buy unless you find them on super sale? this is how i am with most things rowan. i've been wanting to knit with yorkshire tweed dk for a looong time, but won't spend the money on it (8-9 bucks a skein for 123 yards? i'm very much a bargain shopper and this doesn't fly). anyway, i frequent ebay for a couple of yarns every so often, just in case. well, the ebay gods smiled on me because i got a full bag of yorkshire tweed in the exact color i've been looking for ... for 49 bucks!
Yorkshire Tweed DK (Revel)
rowan yorkshire tweed dk in 'revel'
the color on my monitor at home is true, but on my work-monitor is off. but its a deep reddish purple (very warm) with flecks of blue and red. i've been cooking up a sweater design for some time that calls for this color. theres nothing stopping me now but the already too-large sweater queue. this one may jump up a few places on the list though...
we'll see


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