i'm an idiot. i took all these great pictures for a post today and left the camera at k's in Philly. so of course i have nothing visual to offer. and i was so excited to put up more hat pictures. we'll have to wait a little while. my apologies.

well, thanks for all the comments on my hats! my site has had the highest traffic in its history because of some name dropping over at more hi-profile blogs like diana and caitlyn! thanks for the publicity!

my lace weight silk wool came from blackberry ridge on friday so i'm all set to start ene's scarf. it calls for a 36" circ US 6 and i only have a 29". i'm going to try improvising with what i have... but this may prove insanely frustrating. any ene veterans have advice? i already love this project: it only calls for two skeins, both of which are under $10 and have 650 yards each!! now THATS what i call value. my poor ass offers its appreciation.

again sorry for no pictures! we have model shots of a few of the hats on the way. and of course more after christmas when i will harrass my family members for photos of them wearing their new head adornments. may your bleeding fingers be minimal as you finish up all your holiday knits!


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