Not a whole lot going on around here, other than this huge, red, seething pile of wool.
Pile o' Wool
I also got a Sundara fill-up last week, meaning the baby sweater that had been temporarily paralyzed is now free to be finished. Unfortunately, I probably won't touch it for a couple of weeks (at least) (yes, I'm blatantly ignoring the fact that the baby was born 2 weeks ago). Although having the yarn around isn't such a bad thing - my eyes are happy about it.
Sundara Fill-Up
Damn I love this stuff. I'll definitely be making a sweater out of Sundara's worsted sometime in the coming year. I'm predicting it to be one of those that you rarely take off. It is now the weekend before Christmas (how?) - I know many a finger will be sacrificed in the name of gift knitting during the coming days. Please, don't kill yourselves. Late hand-knitted gifts are way better than on-time 'regular' gifts after all.


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