so now no one can say i never knit socks. (i never do, though)
Chimney Socks 1
Pattern: Generic Toe-Up; Womens S/M; 60 stitches (See details below) Materials: Sundara Sock Yarn (2 Skeins in "Chimney", 1 Skein Color 012) Needles: US 1 Aluminum DPN's (unknown brand)
Started: 20 August 2006 Completed: 29 August 2006  
Chimney Socks 6
Anatomy: Casted on like this with Solid color, increased to 60 Sts, switched to Hand-dyed yarn, work to heel, switch back to Solid, short-rowed a heel with YO wraps like so (using Solid), stockinetted my way up to a 1x1 ribbed cuff and finished it off with this. Technically, this is my first real pair of socks - you know, using real sock yarn, tiny needles, and all those little heel/toe tricks i read about everywhere. It was enjoyable, there was something satisfying about knitting such tiny stockenette stitches. I'm happy to add it to the repertoire, but I'm not going crazy for it. I'm still a sweater and hat junkie at heart. I will say, I am a little more interested in reading about sock construction, which is probably a good thing, since there is way too much of it out there on the internet! Ha!
Chimney Socks 2 Chimney Socks 3 Chimney Socks 4 Chimney Socks 5
To tell the truth, my favorite part was shooting the photos... but that comes as no surprise, does it?


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