Remember the old cartoon trick of the dangling carrot, strung up from a fishing pole? Well, I've gotten myself some carrots. It's maybe the simplest way of tricking yourself to power through the tough times.... but really, whatever works. I guess this is the first time I've ever seen a cashmere carrot, though... and hopefully not the last!
LinkCashmere Merino from School Products
It's been nose to the grindstone around here, finishing up my MFA (May is almost here!) and doing some hefty knitting work (soon, soon to show) and I kinda hit the wall a short while ago. After a few days in the dregs, strategizing the next couple of months, I got on the subway and went to one of my favorite NYC hideaways - School Products. The oldest yarn shop in Manhattan, I like to drop by whenever I need a pick-me-up (Consumer Alert!) because you just never know what you're gonna get. (And you always find something) The folks at SP keep a steady stock of discount luxury fiber cones (primarily cashmere) Italy and sell them to us budget shoppers. As usual, I went in distraught and came out feeling refreshed.
Cashmere Merino from School Products
Yes - refreshed by a sweaters-worth of Merino Cashmere (70 | 30) in the loveliest, smokiest shade of brown (I wouldn't have been surprised if it smelled like a campfire). And this, my friends, is my make-it-to-summer reward - a dreamy merino/cashmere sweater project for when life slows down. Until then, it's mounted like a monument on the shelf, in plain view, to keep me motivated. So far, it's working (I did cheat and swatch... although that only sweetens the desire. I love a good swatching session.)
Shetland Sampler
The other sweet treat (don't they kinda look edible?) is one that I can enjoy throughout the coming weeks - I've been trying to implement small but regular batches of spinning time into my week (Some meditate, I spin). This little shetland fiber sampler from Jamieson & Smith is the perfect thing - small amounts in harmonious, all-natural shades. If I can keep it consistent, I'd love to do some colorwork with the finished yarns - it could make for a real knitting gem.
Shetland Sampler
Shetland is my favorite fiber to spin (I know, I'm a broken record) and keeping things simple is my preferred philosophy on most things in life, so here's to some good spinning! Carrots. It works.


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