A quick little bit of handspun knitting to stave off that wonderful chill in the air.
Cap Karma 1
Pattern: Cap Karma by Smariek (Yahoo Group) Materials: My Handspun, worsted superwash merino 2-ply Amount: 4 ounces/100 grams Fiber Source: Miss Babs Needles: US8/5.0mm
Cap Karma 2
Modifications: The original pattern calls for a standard spiral-decrease crown. I really loved the allover cable pattern and didn't like how the spiral decreasing broke that up. I wrote an alternate decreasing scheme that kept the cabling intact. If you're interested in doing the same, I've listed the specifics below.
Cap Karma 3
Crown Shaping (substitute this for the crown shaping listed in the pattern)
Row 1: k all sts Row 2: k all sts Row 3: *ssk, k6* around Row 4: *[sl next st to CN and hold in back, k next two sts, k st from CN], k4* around Row 5: k all sts Row 6: *k5, k2tog* around Row 7: k all sts Row 8: *k3, [sl next 2 sts to CN and hold in front, k next st, k 2 sts from CN]* around Row 9: *k1, k2tog, k3* around Row 10: k all sts Row 11: k all sts Row 12: *[sl next st to CN and hold in back, k next st, k st from CN], k3* around Row 13: *k2, ssk, k1* around Row 14: k all sts Row 15: *k2tog, k2* around Row 16: *k1, [sl next st to CN and hold in frton, k next st, k st from CN]* around Row 17: *k1, k2tog* around Row 18: k all sts Row 19: *k2tog* around Break yarn and draw through remaining sts. Weave in all ends.  
Cap Karma 6
Knitting with handspun is a major treat, I've had such a great time doing it - I'm sure there will be a lot of handspun hats cropping up in the next few months. Next to the BSJ, they're the perfect match for all those odd 4oz skeins that have been piling up.
Cap Karma 5
Another one for the pile - onto the next!


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