January is here. It’s a season of contrasts: bare branches against the cloudy sky, lights dancing in the early dark, warm woolens against the frosty air. It can be a blue time, a bleak time, a season of solitude when we scuttle into our warm homes rather than lingering to talk with neighbors. Trudging through chilly rain or shoveling another foot of snow from the drive, we can forget that growing things are storing up energy and pushing out secret roots to make ready for spring.

Knitting helps many of us take pleasure in this time of regeneration. The frenzy of crafting for holiday gifts has passed and the lull invites us to take stock of our own desires. The darkness gives harbor to dreamers and planners. Stitch by stitch, we can revel in the quiet clarity of this season.

To celebrate this time of mystery and possibility, we’re offering up a collection of knitwear inspired by the poetry of the winter dark. We imagine you sifting through the pages of our lookbook as a gardener might thumb a seed catalog, meditating on the beauty that might unfurl from your needles as we wait for light.

We hope you enjoy our Winter 18 collection and send our very best wishes for a joyous and peaceful New Year to every one of you.



  • Hello Anita,

    Thank you for your question. In order to fairly compensate each designer, the patterns in our collections are sold individually. Our printed books— Woolens and Capsule — are available to purchase as a complete collection since they were written by one designer. Feel free to email us directly at info@brooklyntweed.com if you have any further questions.

    All the best,
    Jamie Maccarthy | BT Customer Service

    Jamie Maccarthy on

  • Is there any chance you’ll be offering the entire Winter 2018 collection as a book? Since I would love to knit more than half the collection, I’d love to be able to purchase the patterns at a “quantity discount”.

    Anita Olsen on

  • Dear BT,

    I’m seconding Anita’s query/request (above), and more. I would love to see all of your collections each offered as a book.


    ps: loved Winter 18, especially Belfast and Geiger. — j

    Jennie on

  • Ditto what Anita and Jennie said. I’d love to buy each of your collections as a book. I’m happy to get it in .pdf format

    Thanks ?

    Kisho on

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