Slade is for the guy who appreciates the coziness and charm of a deep shawl collar. The set-in sleeve cardigan is worked in pieces with a stockinette body and deep 2x2 ribbing at the hem and cuffs. The wide shawl collar, which creates a double-breasted front when buttoned, means that the stockinette fronts of the garment are rather skinny and can be knit quickly. After assembling the finished sweater pieces, the ribbed collar/fronts are picked up onto one long circular needle – beginning at the lower edge of right front, up one side of the cardigan opening, around the back neck and back down the other side. The deep ribbed band is worked in one piece to completion. Three buttonholes are worked at the halfway point and correspond to sewn-on buttons on the other side. For a more casual, relaxed look, buttons/buttonholes can be omitted altogether if the wearer prefer the cardigan open. A good wet-blocking upon finishing will allow the front band to be blocked flat to reduce some of the natural elasticity of the ribbing. 100% wool yarns work beautifully in this process and create the well-behaved ribbed front shown above.


  • In the process of knitting this for my honey.

    Susana on

  • In the midst of knitting this for my honey. Now, of course, I’m being sucked into your BT Fall Collection, and I am now distracted by the question of whether Oshima would fit well on me!

    Oh how you vex me!

    Susana on

  • Love this piece!

    Anushka on

  • Love this and I think it would be great for a woman as well. Once the right size was chosen, would any proportions need to be revised?

    Laurie on

  • So classic and beautiful!

    Lolly on

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