Redford draws its inspiration from well-loved vintage tee shirts – the kind that get better with each wash and wear. Though the sweater doesn't announce them loudly, it features some subtle details that elevate it above the average everyday pullover. Side panels are worked in reverse stockinette stitch and assembled with exposed seam lines to highlight their slightly angled shape. The change in fabric offers a subtle yet graphic detail along the sides of the garment (see a detail photo here). The stockinette portion of the sleeves are worked from the bottom up, beginning just above the cuff line. After completion, cuff stitches are picked up from the wrong side – creating another exposed seam detail – and worked down in a 1x1 rib, finishing with a clean tubular bind off. Finally, an inverted triangle is worked in reverse stockinette and nestled just below the ribbed collar at center front, adding a finishing touch to that "favorite tee" vibe. Worked in Loft, the sweater's fabric is lightweight and easy to layer (it looks great whether worn with a denim jacket or a sport coat) and is particularly useful for hot-blooded men who overheat in heavier sweaters. The garment is worked flat in pieces and seamed together for added structure and strength. The hardest decision of all: which color to choose?

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  • Dear Julie

    After having knitted many children sweaters, I will hook up with my own piece of art.
    I have downloaded the pattern. I got a question about ease and size. Is the 2-4 inch included in the chest circumference of your sizes or do I have to add it?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.


    Mario, Zurich, Switzerland

    Mario on

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