this pattern never stood out to me when first perusing the pages of handknit holidays. but when i saw some of these cropping up around on the internet, i started getting the itch. when i saw they were knit up in rowan cork, a yarn i had always wanted to try (but never wanted to drop the cash for a sweaters-worth on) for a long time, i was further intrigued. when i found out cork was discontinued, i was discouraged and the pattern drifted out of consciousness. then... in a random ebay search i found 3 balls of cork for a smokin deal (although the color is one that i normally wouldn't choose) and the log cabin socks were back on the table. and now, here they are, all ready for the fireplace in the log cabin that i wish i lived in. right now i'm settling for a hardwood floor and brooklyn. not a horrible sacrifice by any means... but i do like cabins. and the woods. i miss the pacific NW. but i'm not gonna whine about homesickness here.
Pattern: Log Cabin Socks Source: Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick Materials: Rowan Cork in 'Vapor' :: 2.5 balls (had to get extra yarn. these are a mens size 12... ugh) Needles: US 5 dpn's for cuff, US 6 dpn's for the rest Modifications: had to lenthen foot to fit my big feet. Other than that, nothin!
need to put a little elastic in these babies
Thoughts: First, concerning Cork - in general i really loved it, and now really covet a full size sweater knit up in this yarn. Although, if I ever make a cork-sweater, i'll definitely be adhering to the advised needle sizes (9-11). the LCS pattern calls for a US6 for a denser fabric. The small needles combined with all the cabling really destroyed my wrists. Also, my US 6 DPN's are really sharp (i think they're crystal palace bamboo, but i'm not sure) and they constantly tried to impale my hands! what i'm trying to say is, this project was fraught with physical pain! which is not that fun. I guess i could've done some addi magic looping to take care of the porcupine effect, but i'm too lazy or stubborn. i wanted to use dpns! But the thought of a sweater with cork on US 9 addi's seems like a dream to me. So maybe someday, if i ever find some cheap cork.
from the back
Oh, one more thing: cork seems to stretch and not keep its shape very well, at least in the ribbing at the cuff. I'm definitely planning on imbedding some elastic threads in the cuff to keep them wearable. for my socks, the snugger the better (is snugger a word?).
*Note: couldn't get ideal light for the photos. its been dark and overcast. apologies.

now. lets move onto more important things. you know my oath? that whole thing about finishing ALL the works-in-progress before starting Jarrett? yeah. that was a stupid oath. and i'm breaking it. i should note, before you think that i have no control or self-discipline, i have finished all but ONE measley project. So to a degree, I feel like the oath was successful. But, having only one project on the needles can get a little monotonous, so we're revising the old oath. and i'll finish forbes, no problem. especially since i wont be wearing it till next fall anyway. so i'm okay with this. (please keep shaming minimal...)
Rowanspun DK
rowanspun dk in 'rush'
with that said, i started the sweater last night and am already more than happy with the yarn choice. i will be making some guage-specific modifications out of necessity. did i get guage? no. did i even get close? not really. but when has guage ever stopped anyone...right?
more to come on this sweater and tubular-cast-on-inspired giddiness. have a great weekend, but don't forget your needles!


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