Our photoshoot for BT Kids has to rank as one of our most entertaining times on set, ever. We shot the collection with 6 beautiful (and hilarious) children – ranging in ages from 2 to 8 – in a Cobble Hill (Brooklyn) brownstone, as well as the surrounding neighborhood blocks. Shooting a collection is always a wild experience. Despite the epic amount of planning that happens beforehand, variables like weather, location idiosyncrasies, models and collection size make each shoot unique and different in its own way. One thing is always a definite – it's a process that consistently keeps you on your toes! We have a lot of fun on set bringing a vision to reality; watching the magical process of a pattern coming to life in front of the camera after months of work is gratifying, indeed. Knowing this shoot was going to be particularly entertaining, we brought a couple video cameras along to document the process and have edited the footage into a fun behind-the-scenes video to share the story of our weekend. Working with these kids was an unexpected reward (not having children of my own, I was slightly nervous about the idea of shooting with 6 of them!) – in the end, though, I really loved it. So pull up a chair, and enjoy this glimpse into the action! – Jared


  • Loved it! You made it so much fun for these darling kids!

    Really classy patterns! Thank you!

    Janet on

  • Ohmybob, how much fun was that! Cobble Hill never looked so good. :)

    Voie de Vie on

  • sosososo good
    i love it :)

    birgit on

  • Love this collection and the photoshoot looks like a blast!

    Hannah on

  • Great designs, beautiful, fun kids and methinks the adults totally entered their world – specially looking at you Jared!
    Lovely altogether.

    Terina on

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