Hi, everyone! The last weeks have been quite the whirlwind - I spent July traveling around my home turf in the PNW. I did a lot of knitting and design work and got a much needed break from city life. The trip was peaceful, insightful and inspiring - exactly what I was after. When I finally got back to New York, I had a last minute opportunity to travel to Cape Cod, and I promptly jumped on that train, despite my better judgement that staying home and catching up on the bevy of work awaiting me here was the right thing to do, and don't regret it. I figure I need to enjoy my last summer as a student in an official capacity. So what's been doing on the needles? So very much to share. That lace bug that comes around every few months is back with a vengeance, and I thought I'd try my hand at some lace designing. Uncharted territory for me, but I've been having a looot of fun with it.
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To tell you the truth, my tolerance of heat is starting to wear thin - granted we've had what I would consider a very mild summer here (knock on wood), and I haven't even been here the whole time, but air conditioned quarters are still required for marathon knitting - and my wintry temperament is feeling stifled. Visions of lace, cables and colorwork taunt me nightly. Even so, I'll continue patiently waiting for the click of the seasons to happen sometime in September (please?). When it does though...
New Lace for Fall (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)
...there will be plenty of warm, winter lace. I thought maybe the summer would stave off this year's blanket trend in my knitting, but the "Year of the Blanket" title has remained all the same. There may or may not be more than just this one gaining momentum in recesses of the apartment. I've been playing with wools both heavy and light - I can't seem to get enough of that wonderful texture you get with pre-blocked, heavy weight lace projects.
More texture. More <span class=
I know it's cruel to just give little peeks under the (lace) blanket, but these things will be expounded upon shortly. Something I can indulge you in more of however is this, my most treasured recent acquisition: a box of new yarns from Beaverslide Dry Goods, one of my all time favorite farms over in beautiful Montana. Tell me though, seriously, what could be better than coming home from vacation to this:
Best. Box. Ever. (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)
Most definitely worth breaking a serious yarn diet for. No guilt here. Really. Over the next few weeks I'll be catching up on many things that have been sorely neglected, not the least of which is my inbox. All things considered, it's great to be home - I really missed my yarn.


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