You all recall the little honeymoon phase I had with the February Baby Sweater from Knitter's Almanac over the summer, right? And then the running-out-of-a-dyelotless-yarn moment when that honeymoon abruptly ended? Well, Sundara hooked me up with a fill-up in December and this weekend I finally picked up this project again.
Yes there are two and no these are not for twins. I debated on whether or not to just continue with the old sweater, striping in the new color with the old, despite a noticeable difference in 'dyelots'. I knew I'd be bothered by that in the end. Especially since I now have enough of the new yarn to make a bigger, better version (I went up 2 needle sizes also, to play up the lace and to accommodate the baby's current age. ehhhh...). Yes that's right - I took the high road.
V1, pictured on the left, is how much you can get out of one 100g skein of worsted on US6's. V2 on the right is using 200g on size 8's and will have more than enough yarn. And now that my guilty conscience has been quelled, I can rip V1 and make a hat for myself with that beautiful yarn, being the selfish knitter that I am. (To be more truthful, the ripping occured late last night in a fit of inspiration.) In case you're wondering, I'm not only knitting for babies right now. I'm finishing up a couple things and then I'm setting my sights towards reinjecting some of my deflated Work-In-Progress sweaters with a renewed wintry vigor. And because sometimes I can't help myself:
Green Cake
Happy Monday, all.


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