The heat doesn't keep me from knitting, but it does keep me from wanting to use my brain. In other words, knitting is not exempt from my tendency towards frequent summer-induced laziness. For this reason, more complex projects have been on hold (despite having Raspy so very close to completion, the finishing requires enough calculation to ignore for the time being.) (Demi? yeah that's on hold too). I've been knitting exclusively on the EZ sweater (humble beginnings shown here). Its seamless. Its mindless. Its stockinette. Its quick. I love the yarn. And the construction (yoke especially) is clever as hell (I'm just about there)!
Seamless Hybrid Progress 8.10.06
Here's the progress as of yesterday morning. Since then I've got about 3/4 of the second sleeve done. When you're this close to the good part, you can't stop to loiter on sleeve island. If you're not familiar with EZ's seamless sweaters (Knitting w/o Tears), they're worth checking out. The "Seamless Hybrid" is by far the most interesting, construction-wise, and I'll do my best to explain how its all put together after I try it out myself. And speaking of Knitting Without Tears, I just picked up a great copy that was published back in 1971. To my great surprise, I opened the cover to find this:
EZ's Signature
"Good Knitting -- Elizabeth Zimmermann. 1983"
Good luck grappling with the Monday blues.


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