i started Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style last week. the photos below were taken last thursday and aren't a very good representation of what the piece is looking like now because i spent multiple hours this weekend working on it. i've finished both charts 1 and 2 and its really starting to look great. shown below: the shawl about half way through chart 1... not much at all to look at, but what the hell right? Early Ene 3 (i realize these photos are a little big for my layout... but details are more important, right?) Early Ene 1 in hindsight... chart 1 is a bitch. because of a 375 stitch cast-on, each row takes forever and you don't start noticing any pick-up in the pace until chart 2 or 3 (there are 4 total) when it starts decreasing like crazy. so needless to say i'm glad thats over, although it looks pretty damn good. i started this hat - a bulky version of the prospect park cap with an addition of earflaps. i'm using karabella aurora bulky, but ran out half way through. haven't been able to pry money from my wallet to buy more... UGH (its a little pricey for my tastes, and the fact that there is only 56 yards per ball pisses me off... but the colors cant be beat. and it feels great). so who knows when this will be done. in other news: treschiqueveronique tagged me with one of those quiz things. now, i dont want you to think i'm ignoring it... but those things freak me out! so i'm still mulling it over in my head, i need a little more time. thanks for the tag though, veronique! (check out her blog, just finished a pretty impressive version of lady eleanor!)


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