as those of you in new york understand... my love for School Products is perpetually exploding out of my chest. one of my more favorite hide-a-ways in manhattan. so i went last night after work, caught the 1 train down from lincoln center and was swimming in a sea of yarn by 5:15. i walked in audibly chanting to myself "i will not spend money on yarn... etc." has that ever worked? i walked out 38 dollars cheaper than i was when i went in but about 38 times happier! finally bought some aurora 8 because i've been wanting to use it ever since my mom got on the karabella kick when she visited maxine this summer with me at Stitch Therapy. also splurged on some karabella Puffy... a bulky semi-boucle merino that will be softer than anything i currently put around my neck shade cards for my new purchases below:    

aurora 8 (what a pallette!)

puffy (not all colors pictured... at least not the color i bought)


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