Many of you have been inquiring about the yellow scarf that I showed you just a snippet of in my last post. To clarify, its Kathy's new 'Shifting Sands' pattern - I just modified the number of stitches in the pattern to accommodate for a worsted (the pattern calls for sport weight).
Shifting Sands
I wasn't sure how I would like this yarn for this pattern but as it turns out, I think it looks pretty perfect for what I had in mind. It adds a bit more thickness to the fabric which, as you know if you've already worked with malabrigo, is a wonderful thing. I don't have much more for you today - although I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend and have lots of fodder for the tweedy fire next week. If we are lucky enough to get a sunny day, I may even have some finished sweater photos for you at the beginning of next week. Cross your fingers for a bath of natural light to wash over Brooklyn and save us all. Aside: did anyone notice two random yarn lines appear all-of-a-sudden on the knitpicks website a little while ago? Listed as web specials with limited quantities? "Totem" is a worsted wool/modal blend (50/50) and "Salishan" is a wool/pima cotton (45/55). It seems they're basically all snatched up (a few of the less desirable colors are still hanging around, i think). Intrigued, I threw in a ball of the "Salishan" on my last KP order.
KnitPicks Salishan
Anyone know what these yarns are all about? Maybe they're testing out some new lines...? or I guess these could be really old lines they used to carry before I was hip to the KnitPicks scene? I'll give you a report once I use it, although I don't know how much good that will do, if the yarn is no longer available for purchase. Have a good weekend. And please, knit.


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