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Pattern: Red Light Special
Size: to fit an average adult head (21-23″)
Gauge: 24 sts and 26 rows = 4 in/10 cm
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
- One 16″ circular needle in size necessary to get you gauge.
- One set of DPN’s of the same size.
- One 16″ circular needle two sizes smaller than your main needle (for lining)
* Circular needles with cables longer than
16″ can be used with Magic Loop Method with similar results. Suggested needle sizes are US 4-6 to get gauge. Your results may vary.
Materials: KnitPicks ‘Telemark‘ (100% Wool, Sport Weight.)
- 1 skein MC (Chestnut)
- 1 skein CC1 (Aubergine)
- 1 skein CC2 (Bayberry)
- 1 skein CC3 (Poppy)
- Lining Yarn; a partial skein of sport weight
cotton or merino (something soft to satisfy the ears of the wearer)

Techniques Employed
: knit and purl; provisional cast on; turned hem; directional decreasing (ssk and k2tog); stranded knitting with 4 colors (never more than 2 colors on one row);

: This hat is worked in basic Norwegian style beginning with the cotton/merino lining, followed by a turning row of purl stitches, the main body chart of the hat (knit with 4 colors) and ending with a rapid decrease crown (decrease 8 sts ever round). The chart provided below repeats itself 4 times around the circumference of the hat, dividing it into four sections with four faux seams that shape the crown decreases cleanly towards the center.

If you have never worked a hat in this style, I recommend reading the complete pattern at least one time through before you begin to best familiarize yourself with the construction techniques.

D I R E C T I O N S:

Lining: With smaller circular needle and Lining Yarn provisionally cast on 128 sts. Join stitches and place marker to indicate beginning of round. Work in stockinette (k all sts) until lining measures 3″.

Next Row: Switching to Larger circular needle and MC (Chestnut), knit one round.
Next Row: purl all sts (this is considered the ‘turning row‘)

Main Body: With CC1 (Aubergine), knitting all sts, begin working chart. Please see ‘Special Notes’ below in regard to carrying colors. NOTE: When you have worked 3″ of main hat pattern, you will be joining the lining

Red Light Special Chart Red Light Special Key
After 3″ of the main chart have been worked (or when the length of the lining is exactly equal to the length of the main body), you will join the hem. This process is worked over one entire row of knit stitches.

Joining the Hem: Fold lining along turning row so that WS of lining and WS of body are facing one another. You should have the same number of sts along your provisional cast-on as you do live stitches (128). Feed all provisionally casted on loops onto the length of your smaller circular needle, ending at the beginning of the round. Making sure that all stitches are lined up begin joining the hem by knitting first body stitch together with first hem stitch (as a k2tog). Repeat k2tog for every pair of stitches all the way around [in essence you will be doing 128 k2togs and seaming the lining onto the main body as you knit. This method yields a clean and professional hem with no finishing required!]

When you complete this round, resume working chart as before until you reach your first decrease round.

Shaping the Crown: Decreases are included in the chart. Decrease 1 st on each side of every ‘seam’ on every round. Switch to Double Pointed Needles when the number of stitches becomes too small for your circular. You will be decreasing at a rate of 8 stitches per row, yielding a rather flat crown. Because of the length of the main chart, a flat crown is necessary to get correct sizing.

When you complete the chart, you will have 16 stitches remaining on the needles. Cut a 10″ tail of MC, thread through a tapestry needle and draw through 16 remaining sts. Pull tail to tighten opening and weave into fabric to secure. Weave in all remaining ends. Block hat (see below).

Blocking: Blocking is a NECESSITY with stranded knitting. It will also even out tension issues in an incredible way. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and half a capful of wool wash (I prefer non-rinse wool washes like Eucalan). Immerse hat in water, gently squeezing out any air that’s caught up in your stranding. Let that hat soak for 5-10 minutes. Remove from water, gently squeeze out all excess water. DO NOT WRING OR TWIST FABRIC. Roll inside a dry towel and stomp on it to get out all moisture possible. Shape hat over a ‘head-shaped’ object (I prefer a medium size cereal bowl place upside down on top of a paper towel roll). Air dry.

Special Notes:
* Carrying colors: You may choose to carry all three Contrasting Colors up the inside of the hat along the seam. I did this and it worked relatively well, although it does add a bit of bulk. If you wish to cut your ends at the conclusion of each color section, this will work fine. Beware, however, that you will have a whole bunch of ends to weave in during finishing.
* Jody has an informative post about turning a hem here that may help you visualize the process.

If you find any mistakes in the pattern, please feel free to send me an e-mail at and I will amend the pattern to help future knitters. Also, I encourage you to e-mail me with pictures of your finished hats – I do so love seeing your work.

I’m happy to share this pattern with you, fair readers – thank you for supporting what I do here!

All content and photos are ©brooklyntweed. All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal and non-profit use ONLY. You may print this pattern only if copyright information stays intact. You may not sell items made from this pattern for profit or distribute these patterns in a retail environment to promote yarn sales.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Turns out there is life outside of knitting…… who knew? I was teasing you before with a little taste of my hat – I guess after 11 days you deserve a little bit more information.

Red Light Special

Pattern: My Own
Materials: KnitPicks ‘Telemark‘ (1 of each – Chestnut, Aubergine, Bayberry and Poppy)
Needles: US 7 Addi Turbo Circs
Total Cost: $7.96 + SH

start Date Mid October 2006 | finish Date Mid November 2006

I used a pretty basic Norwegian Hat Template, chose colors I liked and did my best to fit in the motif of my choosing and size it for XL noggin. Nothing much sophisticated about it, but I love how it turned out, and the fit is virtually perfect.
The hat is lined with a bit of Aurora 8 – this was trickery to get the numbers to match up, Aurora 8 is considerably heavier than Telemark. But I had it in my stash, and it’s too soft not to use for a purpose such as this. I will recommend using a similar weight lining-yarn for simplicity’s sake, but this worked for me. I included a shot of the innards, just for all the knitters out there (you can see the merino lining around the base).

Red Light Innards

I’m putting together a pattern write-up for this because many of you have expressed interest. I’ll be tweaking it a little from the hat you see here. Both to get the bugs out and also resize it for a normal head (My roommate tried it on and was swimming).

It keeps my ears warm, thank god – NYC is frigid today.

I’m going all trans-continental again this afternoon. Didn’t I just get off a plane from the west coast? No – truth be told, i hardly ever tire of going west, and I’m definitely in need of a few days to relax, knit, and gorge. (Aren’t we all?)

I’ll be back Monday – I hope you all have a wooly holiday. I’ll leave you with a preview of a little somethin’-somethin’ thats fresh off my needles.

Telemark Hat Preview

Its a product of these, and perfect timing too – I really need something to keep my ears warm these days. I’ll post ‘officially’ when I get back. If I’m really in a good mood, I might even make up a pattern for it (no promises, though).

Happy Thanksgiving one and all

Cant. Resist. The Urge.
Telemark - Reds

Must. Fair Isle.

Why not indulge you sock knitters out there? I have two pairs on the needles. Sock knitting is alright I guess, I’m not obsessing over it, but its a fun way to bust through the sock yarn in my stash (all of which has been gifted to me in some way or another).

Check these out:

DSC_0015 (3)

K’s birthday socks. That masterful dye job is all Sundara.

DSC_0015 (4)

A pair of striped Elann Esprit socks for me.

The Seamless Hybrid is blocking …. I’m getting anxious for it to dry. I think it’ll be at least another day or two though.

Oh, and thank you for all the Chi-town Tips. I checked out Loopy yesterday and am going to hit up a few more LYS’s tomorrow.

first and foremost let me start with this: to say i was overwhelmed by your insane response to the Urban Aran would be the understatement of the year. thank you! you really know how to make a knitter feel great. and it seems that interest in this pattern has exploded, so i’ll be looking forward to seeing all of your Urban Arans in the future. But really. Thank you. Really.

with the completion of my big project, i have been released once again on all of my WIP’s. Of course, after a month of knitting with only one color (boring!) i was hard up for some good ol’ Fair Isle Knitting. and since i had yet to overcome my bout with second-mitten-syndrome on my Komi Mittens from earlier this year… my hands quickly found their way back to the fair isle love.

Komi Mittens - Floats

Materials: KnitPicks Pallette in ‘Bark’ and ‘Yellow’
Pattern: #32 from “Mostly Mittens” by Charlene Schurch (newer edition of the book is entitled “Knitting Marvelous Mittens“… its the same book)
Needles: US 1′s for main body, US 0′s for cuff

Modifications: I squared off the tips of both the hand and thumb. Following the pattern makes for some very pointy tips… I’m not down with that.
Started: 2.24.06
Finished: 4.25.06

Komi Mittens - Fair Isle Detail
this is fierce.

this was my first real fair isle project, although i knit Ufserud during the same time period as well. i have to say, my detail-oriented side really loves working two-colors at a fine guage. its a lot of fun, and the product is really precious/priceless. and sturdy! these are light but warm, and while i definitely plan on making more warm things for my hands in this way, i’m probably gonna do gloves from here on out. because mittens? they’re kinda ridiculous. have you ever tried to take photos with them on? or listen to an mp3 player on the train while wearing them? its amusing … to watch. not to wear. but i feel fine about these because they’re such a great vehicle for patterning. so regardless of how much i wear them, i’ll sure stare at them a lot!

Komi Mittens - On HandsKomi Mittens - Laid Out
mittens on hands :: laid out to oggle

the bad news? no more fair isle currently on the needles. even worse news? i’m sticking to my oath of finishing all WIP’s before casting on for anything else. not funny. but i’m sure i’ll be happy with myself in the end blah blah blah…

have a great weekend and knit something great.

i’m starting the week off right with a new hat to wear around. i’ll start by saying this pattern is GREAT! i’m generally not a knit-kit person, but this i can make an exception for. (i’m not ‘anti-kit,’ but usually i can find cheaper, more individual alternatives which i enjoy more anyway).

the pictures you see here are taken before i blocked it, so there are a few tension issues. i actually had a more difficult time keeping even tension with my stranding this time (it came a bit easier on my mittens). i think this is mostly due to the fact that i was knitting magic-loop method using some really CRAP-tastic needles (aluminum 29″ with an abysmal join and an even worse cable (coilly, hard plastic) – bought them way back before i knew the bliss of addi turbos). the needle situation caused for some frustration, but i was too anxious to make the hat and not ready to go out and buy something fancier. i hadn’t anticipated going up 2 needle sizes, so i was a bit unprepared.

anyway, i wet blocked it last night and the stitches evened out nicely. these pics will have to do for now though!

Ufserud (Front)

pattern: ufserud bea ellis knitwear
materials: dale of norway ‘heilo’ in #9155 (MC) and #9834 (CC). inner lining: aurora ‘muskat’ in color #44
needles: US 4 for lining and US 7 for stranded knitting (using magic loop)
start date: 3/21/06

finish date: 3/26/06

modifications: i did a provisional cast on using crochet chain method and knit about 1 inch of the lining before turning the hem and launching into the stranding section. after shaping the crown, i went back and picked up my provisional live-stitches and knit the lining to the desired height (just under 3 inches). instead of binding off, i left the stitches live and sewed them to the inside. this provides the most elastic liningpossible. also, i had to go up two needle sizes, apparently i knit tightly in fair isle?

Ufserud (Side)Ufserud (Guts)
side view :: inside out

thoughts: i like this hat a lot. its different from any in my collection (and i have many!). its really warm, but not itchy at all (thanks to the egyptian cotton lining). the sizing is practically perfect, which is lucky, because i didn’t really get guage precisely, but just kind of went with what felt right (this usually never works). i highly recommend making one yourself!

in other knitterly news, my strategy at tackling my project queue has begun. whats on deck?

1. the urban aran :: i’ve ordered the yarn and have the pattern and needles at the ready. i’m excited for this one, its been a couple of months since my last sweater, so i’m ready to go.

2. forbes forest :: yarn has been ordered. i’ll be using shelridge farms soft touch ultra dk in a chocolate brown. should be arriving in the next couple of days.

3. ganomy v 2.0 :: this one wasn’t on my list, but i’m adapting a version of EZ’s ganomy hat for a worsted weight yarn. (i want one for myself). i’m in the process of fashioning a prototype… we’ll see what happens. i’m using debbie bliss merino aran in taupe.

i’ve been meaning to assemble a collection of images for future projects. here’s the beginning of that list. these are images of projects that i’ve probably had stewing in my mind for a while but haven’t had the time or money to make happen.


Jarrett (Rowan)Huntington Castle PulloverIrish Shawlneck SweaterBallet T-ShirtLace Leaf PulloverRaspy (Rowan)Urban Aran 2Knock Around Cashmere PulloverCabled HoodieSeamless Hybrid Sweater (EZ)Rowan Fair Isle


UfserudOdessaKomi CapTurkish Patterned Cap


Forbes ForestHere and There CablesLog Cabin SocksIrish Hiking Scarf Mermaid Gloves (Pomotomous)Brioche ScarfBackyard LeavesFair Isle Bag

click on any of the thumbnails to see more details.

all comments positive or negative towards any of these patterns are welcome! i do like to know what i’m getting into before i make the plunge….

well thank you all for your input on my colors! I would love to say that there was a clear victor in the competition… but it seems that you all have varying tastes (thank god), or worse (like me) want to see multiple combinations knit up.

The three contenders came down to B, C and E, with B having the most votes. Here’s the thing… while I really like E, I really just can’t shake the whole high school mascot/letterman’s jacket vibe it puts out. that yellow. that green. its got that kitchy home-game feeling to it, which was originally why i found it interesting. but after more consideration, i like B better (surprise surprise!) i really like both B and C, and probably will use both color schemes on future projects (i have a fair-isle queue in my pattern bible)… but the winner for this one is…… B!

dont i always go back to these neutral green tones? and as Marq1 so astutely observed, they do complement the color scheme of my blog perfectly.

its been quiet around brooklyn t w e e d this week. Be warned, this silence should not be confused with a “silence” in my knitting. I’ve actually been obsessively knitting away on something that, alas, I cannot show you all yet. but look forward to a surprise FO in the future that is aaaaawe-some if I do say so myself.

don’t worry – when Ufserud comes, I’ll go picture crazy. its hard for me to sift through knitblogs that are pictureless, and for that I apologize. blocks of text, regardless of their wildly exciting content, are just hard to traverse sometimes.

and one last thing… i gotta give a shout out to craftoholic’s latest creation. if you haven’t already seen them… YES these are awesome. i’m gonna make some for k whenever i finish the pile-o-projects lurking in the corner. the glove-version of pomatomous, i feel, surpassess the original sock pattern in design and intrigue! (not to imply any negativity on the socks, they’re awesome too!) it got me excited… so obviously, i’m plugging it. well, i’ll see you soon – with more norwegian knitterly things to share!

this is our busiest and craziest week of the year in my office. i’ll probably be working 20+ hours overtime in total and so i haven’t really gotten any time to knit and probably wont be doing any until this weekend. aside from impending exhaustion and major lack of personal time, i will be making a significant amount of overtime money and have decided to reward myself by purchasing the Ufserud kit from Bea Ellis. (seems i can always find a way to justify breaking the steadfast yarn diet.)

the reason i’m telling you this is because i need your input on something. i’ve been going back and forth for the last few hours (between working) trying to decide what colors to choose for the project. now usually, i have no problem picking colors – its all fairly intuitive, and usually after a few seconds of staring at the color card, i’m positive that i’ve made the best decision. unfortunately, the heilo color card is just too good. too many good colors. too many slight variations. too many options. not to mention i’m completely and utterly braindead from work anyway. so… i need your help. I’ve come up with a few options, and I’d love to hear your comments/thoughts on what you think would work.

option B is the most ‘representative’ of my usual preferences, but i thought maybe i’d try something different… although i’m definitely not ruling option B out… those colors rock. if you have a chance (and an opinion) i would love to hear what you think….

Ufserud Contenders

cast your vote now!