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Well I’ve been somewhat of a knitting schizophrenic lately, working on all sorts of little projects intermittently between my larger chunks of movie knitting, which have been religiously devoted to The Pi Shawl. It’s good though because now I’ll have at least a few small things to dole out from underneath my gigantic icelandic lace blanket come Christmas.


Concerning the Pi Shawl, there’s not a whole lot to say other than that I’m still enamoured and that it has already reached gigantic proportions – certainly much too large for photographs (there’s a lot of fabric not shown in the photo above). The most amazing news is that I’m only halfway through the yarn. Although the project couldn’t be more perfect for my lifestyle right now, it isn’t a superstar for blog material. Good thing for you I have a few other instant-gratification-types to share.

Compelled to Knit

Above we have the beginnings of an aviator hat with this handspun merino; Below a garter stitch scarf in one of my favorite handspuns yet. I swatched about 80 different stitch patterns in search for something perfect for this scarf and ended up *surprise surprise* with garter stitch. Such is my curse. I should just resign myself to the power of garter already and be done with this incessant wandering.

Espresso Knitting

And finally, Koolhaas III has made its way onto my needles. I’ve seen so many of you knitting the pattern in Malabrigo and I just had to try it myself. It’s a thick squishy poof of cables and I’m loving it.

The Third

I’m not usually one for knitting a pattern twice (and especially not thrice) but the request for this came with such sincere sweetness that I couldn’t resist. I’m also happy for opportunities to nip away at the cavernous yarn storage under the bed. Take it where you can get it.

I’m rather excited that it’s December in spite of the fact that the last month seems a blur. Good thing we have knitting to remind ourselves that good things do happen each month. I hope you are all doing well. Next time: knitted Christmas ornaments and more handspun creations. Stay warm!

When the temperature finally dropped, the spinning bug came back with a vengeance. I’ve only had time here and there to spin a little in the evenings, but after a month or so, I’ve accrued a few beautiful additions to my stash. Maybe you could use a little visual fiber pick-me-up this morning? I know I could.

Cool Hand 2-Ply
“Cool Hand”; 2-Ply Falkland wool from FatCatKnits; 4 oz. spun from this

Lazy Daisy 2-Ply
“Lazy Daisy”; 2-Ply Superwash Merino from Pigeonroof Studios; 4 oz. spun from this

Espresso Batch 2
“Espresso”; 2-Ply Superwash Merino from HelloYarn; 10 oz. spun from this

The palette turns out to be rather fitting for this time of year, eh? I’m scheming a handspun scarf with the “Espresso” batch, since I have about 10 oz. The others will probably be gift hats, although I haven’t made any decisions on holiday gifts this year. I’ll probably employ my regular policy: knit as usual until December 20th. Assess finished objects and assign gifts if they are available. No guilt allowed. (This has proven much more effective than trying to stick to an unreasonable regimen of deadlines – effectively ruining the joy of knitting during the best time of year)

Fall Spinning

Enjoy the rest of your week. I’ve got some heathered merino on the wheel to keep me busy if I can find a free minute aside from schoolwork and knitting time. Keep your sweaters on!

Under the Tree

Wooly wishes from all of us here. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

In a desperate attempt for sanity I started a scarf. Maybe… 3 inches has been produced? Will I touch it for another month? We can hope, but probably not. It’s a loosely plied yak/merino blend from School Products that I’ve been itching to use since I splurged on it last winter. If you’ve never knit with yak, I say treat yourself to a small project. You’ll be glad you did.

A Honeycomb Begins

I’ve been shooting a lot of photos lately which has been nice. Winter light is hard to beat in my book (ironically, the photos below are unnaturally lit…sorry. I’m not on top of my game). And because I know you here are the only ones who will dig it, I took some pictures of my roommate’s (machine-knit *hissss*) sweater because … well, you see why. It’s a real looker!

Lui's Gap Sweater 2 Lui's Gap Sweater 1
click for a better view

I’m flying to Washington in the middle of the night tonight and will be blissfully on holiday for the next 9 days. I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure to keep my seatmates warm with a huge blanket-like pile of red wool on the plane. I hope they don’t mind. As far as additional knitting, I have yet to do my strategic packing. There’s nothing worse than touching down on the opposite coast and realizing you forgot that trusty darning needle or your US 6 dpn’s (the ones you need to finish your sweater).

I’ll be brandishing a laptop and a nikon and knitting (all my favorite toys). I hope to post from Brooklyn Tweed Headquarters Washington, but for now let me say happy holidays and thanks again for all or your continued support. I really enjoy doing this here with you all. Wooly holidays for everyone!


I’m going all trans-continental again this afternoon. Didn’t I just get off a plane from the west coast? No – truth be told, i hardly ever tire of going west, and I’m definitely in need of a few days to relax, knit, and gorge. (Aren’t we all?)

I’ll be back Monday – I hope you all have a wooly holiday. I’ll leave you with a preview of a little somethin’-somethin’ thats fresh off my needles.

Telemark Hat Preview

Its a product of these, and perfect timing too – I really need something to keep my ears warm these days. I’ll post ‘officially’ when I get back. If I’m really in a good mood, I might even make up a pattern for it (no promises, though).

Happy Thanksgiving one and all

life has been crazy lately. dont fret… i’ve still been knitting fiercely. can’t remember a time when i wasn’t… but nevertheless.

i haven’t posted as much as i’ve planned recently, including pictures! (sorry – i know how annoying pictureless blogs are.)
i finished the malabrigo ear flap hat and have started another hat (cable cap) that i’m designing with my other hank of this blessed merino.

i hope everyone is knitting well… while i feel like i’ve been very productive over the last few weeks i still feel like i have a huge weight of holiday projects looming over my head. i hope i can get everything done before christmas!